Green Smoothie

I’m sure many of my clients have heard me talk about my love for the Nutri bullet. It’s just so fast and powerful – by far the quickest way to get all those healthy and nutritious foods into me.
Every second morning, I enjoy a smoothie for breakfast. It’s just great for a quick brekky on those busy days when I just need to head out the door … and for those days when I have worked out, I’ll also have one for afternoon tea as well.
Here’s one of my favourite things to blitz up in my Nutri bullet.
Morning Smoothie Boost
• 1 x Egg
• A handful of Frozen Berries
• A handful of Spinach Leaves
• Half an avocado
• A handful of Almonds – any other natural nuts you love.
• Cover ingredients with water.
Add all ingredients to your Nutri bullet or blender and blend until smooth.
Enjoy first thing in the morning, as an afternoon snack or after a workout.