Five exercises to get your best body ever.

Here’s a quick exercise routine you can fit in around all those Christmas events, the work break-ups, catch ups, coffees, get-togethers, shopping, cooking … etc.
If you’ve only got ten minutes, aim for one round. Got twenty minutes? Try two rounds, and so on.
You’ll quickly feel the hard work paying off, using only your own body weight – it’s that simple! Try to build up the repetitions day by day.
Start with five minutes of walking, skipping or step ups to get warmed up before you begin.
1. Squats x 10-20
2. Push Ups x 10-20
3. Plank 30 Secs-2 Mins
4. Lunges x 10-20
5. V-Sit with rotation x 10-20
Too easy! Let’s get started.