Fitness Classes

Second Nature Fitness provides a personalised health and fitness philosophy to assist busy individuals, through postural alignment, which reduces the risk of injury, improves aesthetics and enhances performance. A big focus on losing body fat through strength and cardio training, with exercises prescribed for ultimate joint balance. Good technique and core stability is the foundation to every body type.

Through the range of programs and fitness classes, your goal for a strong healthy FIT body will be achieved.

The Fit Body and Fit Mind Classes have a personal trainer for every workout.

All classes run for 45 minutes and are jam packed with fun exercises.

Exercises are modified to suit your ability.

No gym membership required.

All fitness levels welcome!


Class Descriptions:
  • Fit Body: Outdoor Strength, Cardio & Core.
  • Fit Mind: Studio Pilates, Reformer, Mat Pilates, & Yoga.

I can see by the fact that you are here that you are wondering how my services can help you.

It’s good that you are here exploring whether these classes are for you. As you relax and begin to learn that keeping fit and healthy is the most important asset you could develop, improve or continue to improve, you will know that investing in yourself will give you better productivity and more energy in your day to day life.

You may be balancing family life with work, and have a small window of opportunity to make time for your health and fitness. Being here means that you want to change/improve your health, fitness and well being. You have all the resources already available to you, and you know that if you were to allocate time to your health, you would want to use that efficiently and effectively. You will want to see results, and you want to know that the form of exercise you choose will suit you and your body type. We all need to band together in time of change, and you could potentially change and improve your fitness quite quickly, you’d be surprised.

At times we hesitate to make decisions. You are here to do something about your health.  To achieve those results you want, sooner rather than later, now is the right time.

So while you are reading, I would like to add the benefits you will achieve in the classes. I will explain to you how my classes suit your needs. As a famous saying goes “Just Do it” you will have more to gain. You will get stronger, which will improve your bone density and your metabolism, to burn calories and get you to your ideal weight, a healthy metabolism keeps our bodies immune and digestive system strong and active. We do this through, body weight training, circuit training, high/low intensity interval training, resistance training, Pilates, Yoga, and work on your posture, core, flexibility and more importantly your mobility. You will begin to move with ease, you may feel as though previous injuries improve, and if you have current injuries we discuss them thoroughly to give you options and modifications to improve your joints and muscles.

These classes are guaranteed to work you inside and out! A fun circuit based class with body weight exercises to improve both your cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength; turning your body into a fat burning inferno. Plus, the added benefit of exercising outdoors in the fresh air and getting a top-up of Vitamin D.

See and feel the results you will achieve with these Outdoor Strength, Cardio and Core Classes, as well as the Mat Pilates and Yin Yoga Classes. The focus is on you personally, your time schedule, your needs, your posture, core and stomach muscles, strengthening and stabilizing all muscles. You tone your whole body, improve your flexibility, and experience a renewed feeling of well being.

In order to achieve your goals it is of value to you that health and fitness fit into your day to day schedule? The aim is to make health and fitness second nature for you!

Do you feel this is something you would like to do?

Do you feel this meets your needs?

Would you like to begin with a Wellness Coaching and Personal Training Sessions first?

Would you like to book in for the term classes?

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