Five exercises to get your best body ever.

Here’s a quick exercise routine you can fit in around all those Christmas events, the work break-ups, catch ups, coffees, get-togethers, shopping, cooking … etc. If you’ve only got ten minutes, aim for one round. Got twenty minutes? Try two rounds, and so on. You’ll quickly feel the hard work paying off, using only your […]

Gluten Free Lemon Bites

Eating gluten free is challenging at the best of times, but during the busiest time of the year it can get pretty tricky navigating your way through the Christmas spread. Here’s a quick little trick to have up your sleeve for all those Christmas get togethers. These lemon bites are not only easy to make, […]

Green Smoothie

I’m sure many of my clients have heard me talk about my love for the Nutri bullet. It’s just so fast and powerful – by far the quickest way to get all those healthy and nutritious foods into me. Every second morning, I enjoy a smoothie for breakfast. It’s just great for a quick brekky […]